Top 10 Technology News Websites in Pakistan to Follow

So you are searching for some famous technology news websites in Pakistan? This article will make you familiar with the 10 most trusted and famous tech news sites in Pakistan. In the 21st century, as innovation advances as time passes, individuals need to know about the most recent advances and technological innovations happening around us. In this way, one can get latest information from tech news site and famous tech blogs, journals which helps in setting aside a great deal of cash and time. 

Following are a portion of the best 10 famous technology news blogs sites in Pakistan.

1. GigBuzz.Pk

GigBuzz is an economy and news blog that essentially covers mostly the latest tech news. In the growing gig and freelancing tends in Pakistan and around the world. Gigbuzz also aims to educate people on how to make money online in Pakistan with internet. And other online gig working opportunities. 

Furthermore, GigBuzz also covers news on the arising tech advancements. Emerging technologies, business and companies, startup and business incubation centers in Islamabad in particular and Pakistan in general. 

Gigbuzz also disseminates news an updates about Internet of Things (IoT). Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality and the future of employment, Blockchain technologies and anything that makes a tech buzz in Pakistan and around the world. 

2. ProPakistani

ProPakistani was started around 2008, and has been known for sharing tech related news. However they are sharing contents on technology and innovations surfacing day to day. Their fundamental specialty is in sharing news on just about anything form technology and generic news, covers gadgets, applications, and Internet Service Provider (ISPs). ProPakistani blog covers almost every industry, such fashion, automotive, technology, gadgets, lenses and startups and businesses. 

3. Ministry of Information Technology

The authority site of the Ministry of Information Technology is the power behind running This site draws in individuals from the nation over. It gives them fast improvement in IT, progression in groundbreaking thoughts in regards to IT, and sharing new exploration conveyed across the world in websites and articles.

4. Information Technology Board (PITB)

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is quick to improve the living style of each person of Punjab. Their site,, is sharing information in associations to skills building programs, news on technology and innovation, and the most recent activities in tech industry.

5. Technology Times

Technology Times is one of the best famous destinations in Pakistan that share innovation news. The best thing is they send off a paper that centers just on innovation related things. Their authority site is innovation times. Thus, to know the best about technology advancements in Pakistan. And around the world, do visit their site.

6. PakWired

Hasan Saleem started off Pakwired in Pakistan in 2014, and from that point, they left now stone unturned in providing people with new business visionaries in regards to the utilization of data innovation in business. The site covers almost every from technology, to business and tech influential people in Pakistan. 

7. TechJuice

TechJuice is perhaps the most popular tech news blog site in Pakistan and has global audience. They are focused on significantly impacting the attitude of individuals. With respect to the utilization of data innovation in undertakings. Crypto money, and various other emerging fields’ technology and innovations. 

8. Redmond Pie

Redmond Pie is sharing information, articles, and segments on Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Xbox 360. It is best for those inspired by advancements in the above organizations. You can get to them through their site:, YouTube-as they are extremely dynamic on it-and Facebook.

9. National University of Science and Technology (NUST)

The National University of Science and Technology has an extensive site on IT where you can access and observe exact and express innovations news online journals in Pakistan.

10. WhatMobile

WhatMobile is another popular blog site in Pakistan that basically. Covers smart gadgets such as cellphones and other digital appliances. Open Google and search the specification of any cell phones and you probably see the blog pop up in the first few result on the search result page. 

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