The Real Truth About Best Shared MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress hosting is gaining popularity with the growing demand for website development. As of 2022, more than 60.8% of CMS (Content Management System) is captured by WordPress itself. Apart from that many website owners prefer MilesWeb web hosting services to host WordPress sites.

While researching about the hosting provider, many of you have come across terms like unlimited bandwidth, easy, affordable, and others. Such catchy slogans are good to read and gain attention. However, what is the truth about such hosting offers? Are you going to buy WordPress Cloud Hosting now and read these terminologies? We have brought this post highlighting some essential truths that many web users are unaware of.

Before that, we request you to read some information about the WordPress hosting. Let us give a quick look.

Know All About the WordPress Hosting Plans

As a web developer, which website building software you would be preferring to build websites? WordPress is the leading content management system allowing users to build different kinds of websites. Apart from website building, its hosting operation is also very crucial to consider. That is why a reliable WordPress hosting infrastructure.

Web hosting provider MilesWeb has excellent WordPress hosting plans with a reliable hosting infrastructure. They offer adequate server resources like CPU, RAM, SSD, and others. Along with that other compelling features like free SSL certifications, fast SSD storage, and others. In such types of web hosting services. Servers are optimized to host WordPress only.

It means that any web developer who develops sites on PHP, Perl, Java, and other computer languages will be unable to host their websites with this hosting plan. But it is a boon for WordPress site developers because they are getting an excellent web hosting infrastructure.

What is The Biggest Catch of Shared WordPress Hosting Services?

The biggest catch you can consider is the higher marketing claims that web hosting companies make. Unlimited disk space, a higher bandwidth, free domains, and unlimited domains. Basically, users will get unlimited of everything in a higher quantity. So, let us keep things clear for you that there is no such thing as an unlimited factor when it comes to hosting websites.

Shared WordPress hosting plans are created for smaller websites which include new bloggers, small businesses, etc. In such types of hosting plans, server resources are shared among different hosting account users. If you purchase WordPress hosting plans from MilesWeb, users get several affordable deals with managed hosting services and tons of features.

For beginners, they have a Tyro plan that costs only Rs. 60 a month. In this plan, users will not get a free domain but they can start their WordPress site journey with free SSL certifications and unlimited bandwidth. But would you like to restrict your website growth? Your answer will be NO!

Then why go for their basic plans instead prefer MilesWeb’s Turbo WordPress hosting plan and host unlimited domains and get free domains. Moreover, the unlimited SSD disk space, a website builder tool, and preconfigured WordPress with updated plugins and themes. Such features can be yours if you add to the cart their Turbo plan.

With them, web developers have the freedom to upgrade their plans and host websites with optimal efficiency.

Choosing a good web hosting company, the only thing you have to look at is their reputation in the industry. That is one of the most important factors because many shared hosting companies have the same offer. As far as MilesWeb’s reputation is concerned.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting Plans

Managing Sites

When you consider hosting WordPresss sites, it will not be only limited to the hosting operation of the website but also its management. With MilesWeb WordPress hostings services, do not struggle to set up websites or manage them. As a hosting account user, you will be getting managed server support from the IT team and a control panel to update the website.

Secured Hosting

No chance of data breaching or intrusion activities on your WordPress site if hosted with MilesWeb. They add free SSL certifications to all hosting domains. As a result, these certifications safeguard websites from any vulnerable attack or cyber threats. Give your visitors a smooth and secure browsing experience.

Higher Performance

Apart from website management and its security, another factor that adds to WordPress hosting is higher performance. With MilesWeb server, get a web hosting infrastructure with guaranteed 99.95% uptime.  They have Tier 4 data centers and servers equipped with fast SSD storage to ensure the maximum performance ability of websites.

Final Thoughts

WordPress hosting is helpful hosting WordPress-optimized websites. Signup for MilesWeb managed WordPress hosting plans and secure your website with a reliable hosting infrastructure. With them, get no performance issues on WordPress sites.

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