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Top 5 Coworking Spaces In Islamabad

1- Coco Space

Cocospace is designed to provide a modern and innovative environment that fosters creativity and productivity. They offer a variety of amenities and services, including high-speed internet, conference rooms, and printing facilities. It is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers who want to work in a collaborative and professional setting. With flexible membership options, you can choose the plan that suits your needs and budget. They are open 24/7. Cocospace provides you with accessible commutes for your employees and customers. It is situated at the juncture of twin cities so its location makes it the ideal candidate for people living in twin cities.

Address: Plot 3A, Korang Road, Markaz I-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Number: +923355507777

2- The Desk

The Desk is another coworking space that is located at the juncture of twin cities which makes it easily accessible to the people of twin cities.  

It is a professional platform for independent and self-employed workers that not only helps you grow but also gives you more excellent value for money. From lightning-fast internet to air-conditioned rooms the desk is equipped with all the modern facilities. Their custom-designed interior gives a luxurious look. They offer daily, monthly, and annual packages which allow the occupants to choose an option that best caters to their needs. 

For more details, you can visit their website

Address: Lower Ground, Plot 349, Street 1, I-9/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Number: +92518442556

3- Regus

Regus is a renowned organization currently serving its customers across many countries. They have kept their standards up to the mark. Whether you’re new in the business or an established one, Regus has you covered. Similarly, whatever rental plan you’ve in mind, whether it be short-term or long-term, Regus rental solutions can take care of that. Their office spaces are suitable for any size of team and come fully serviced. 

With all the perks and privileges you’ll get here, you’ll be able to focus on flourishing your business without having to worry about the nitty gritty. You’ll get access to break-out areas. You can benefit from their “design your office” which allows you to renovate anything even to the tiniest detail. 

So if you’re looking to acquire office space for yourself, here is the address.

Address: Emirates Tower, 2nd & 3rd Floor M-13, F 7 Markaz Islamabad, 44210

Contact Number : (051) 2099102

4- The Hive 

The Hive located in Islamabad’s largest commercial area offers flexible and cost-effective coworking space solutions for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re a freelancer or a startup looking to acquire a space where you’d get all the amenities available in a professional working environment. If you are a workaholic and don’t want any kind of distraction or you’re a team working under/with you then you can get a private office for yourself. Perks like uninterrupted internet, coffee, and a space full of like-minded people not only keep you motivated but compels you to thrive beyond your limits. 

Here is their contact information

Address: P3CH+69X، 1st Floor, Manzoor Plaza, Plot 14E, Fazal e Haq Rd, G 6/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, 

Contact Number : (051) 7080129

5- WorkZone

A coworking space offering services at two different locations in Islamabad. One is in sector E-11 and the other is located in the Blue Area. Later one puts herself close to the metro bus station which makes it easily accessible for the people who take the metro for their daily traveling. It is accessible 24/7 and provides access to meeting rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. 

Since the space is built for professionals so it gives its occupants a chance to collaborate along with other networking opportunities. Another astonishing service you can get here is that you can get yourself a virtual office here if you are working remotely. Workzone will be responsible for mail handling along with other facilities. 

Here is their address

5th Floor, Feroz Center, G 6/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Address: Street 36 Silk Bank Plaza Lower Basement WorkZone, MPCHS E-11/3, Islamabad

Contact Number : (+92) 324 3437927


Coworking spaces are becoming more popular with each passing day. They offer great value for money and save people from the cumbersome process of establishing their establishment. Moreover, there are different packages from which you can pick one that best suit your needs. So all this and multiple other factors compel people to join these co-working spaces. So if you are about to embark on your professional journey then I’d suggest that you explore the above-mentioned coworking spaces and select one that best suits you in all aspects. 

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